How to run HR planning in TRESIO

TRESIO provides a HR Planning tool suitable for companies and businesses that would like to manage their employees and all related expenses in one place. If you’re interested in learning more about HR Management using the TRESIO application, you can watch our tutorial video (05:29) at the bottom of this article.

How to manage employees and expenses

The HR Planning screen allows you to set up an unlimited number or employees under any number of companies. Businesses that are running their offices globally will benefit from the multiple currency options enabling them to map their employees and expenses by country. There are also various options for Payment frequency, enabling companies to customize periodicity for freelance positions for example: further adding to the versatility of the HR Planning tool.

What the HR planning screen shows:

  • Source – employees can be entered manually, uploaded via spreadsheet (coming soon) or imported automatically via our integration with Deel
  • Employee – unique employee name
  • Currency – employee’s salary and other expenses currency
  • Start Date – employment contract commencement date
  • End Date – employment contract termination date

How to set up a new Employee in TRESIO

To set up a new employee, please click on the ‘New’ button. You can enter the employee’s full name, employment contract Start Date and End date. You can also choose the currency in which payments will be made.

For Net Salary, Social Expenses and Additional expenses you can set the Amount, Periodicity and Next occurrence. In the below example a custom Periodicity of ‘every 5 days’ is used.

How to configure salary settings and map expenses categories

If you have any expenses that fall outside of the predefined set, the system will still allow you to add as many custom expenses as you need. To set them up, please click on the ‘Salary setting’ button. 

A new pop up screen will appear where you can map Net salary, Social expenses and other expenses to a specific category that will be reflected in the Forecast and Dashboard pages. You can also ‘Add additional expenses categories’, so you can map each and every expense type your company might incur.

By default, any additional expenses added will fall under the ‘Unclassified’ category. To change the default value, simply click on the relevant field to enter the expense name and select an alternative category as required.

If some Additional expenses are not needed any more you can remove them by clicking on the trash icon.

You can add a new employee or duplicate, edit and delete an existing account. You can also copy, print and export to PDF or Excel.

How to import HR data via Deel

To enable automated HR data import, please configure the Deel integration. Once the integration has been activated and ‘Enable automatic updates’ has been selected, contract data will be imported into TRESIO nightly. If an ad-hoc import is needed, you can use the ‘Update via API’ option for an immediate update.

Tutorial video (05:29)

If you’re interested in learning more you can watch our tutorial video.