Managing your bank accounts and transactions with TRESIO

The Banking screen brings all your bank accounts and transactions together, offering a clear picture that’s essential for smart financial management and forecasting. It turns scattered information into a clear story, helping you see patterns and make informed choices to manage your money better. This overview not only helps with current decisions but also gives you the history you need to predict future trends, adapt to changes, and keep your finances strong. If you’re interested in learning more about Banking using the TRESIO application, you can watch our tutorial video (06:02) at the bottom of this article.

How to add a bank account

The Banking screen allows you to set up different types of Bank or Loan accounts, which will be used to add transparency to your company liquidity planning and forecasting.

The ‘List of bank accounts’ tab shows:

  • Source – the integration type used to import your bank details
  • Company – all your companies
  • Banks – all your banks
  • Balance – your account balance
  • Type – bank account type

You can add a new bank account or duplicate, edit and delete existing accounts. You can also copy, print and export to PDF or Excel.

To add a new bank account click on the button ‘New’ and complete the required information.

Please note for manually entered bank accounts the system will show the Source as ‘Manual’: while for bank accounts imported via Banking integrations, the Source will display the name of the integrations used.

How to view your transactions

The ‘Transactions’ tab also lets you see your transactions when you have a banking integration activated.

The ‘Transactions’ tab shows:

  • Company
  • Transaction No.
  • Currency
  • Amount
  • Date
  • Details

Please note, you wont be able to enter or edit transactions and they will be displayed only in Read-Only mode. You can still print or export them into another applications for further analysis, if required.

Tutorial video (06:02)

If you’re interested in learning more you can watch our tutorial video.