Connecting your banks and tools using TRESIO integrations

TRESIO all-in-one financial management platform offers a wide range of integrations with leading third party applications. With TRESIO, you can effortlessly connect and synchronize your banking, accounting, invoicing, HR, and payment systems, unlocking a world of possibilities for streamlined financial operations. These integrations enable secure and automated data synchronization, allowing you to access real-time information and optimize your financial processes. If you’re interested in learning more, you can watch our tutorial video (10:08) at the bottom of this article.

How to connect your international banking platforms

TRESIO’s partnership with GoCardless (formerly: Nordigen) unlocks powerful connectivity with over 2,300 leading European banks in 32 countries. Our partnership with Plaid provides seamless integration with over 10,000 banks across the US and Canada. TRESIO’s integration with Ebics is specifically designed to facilitate connections with non-PSD2 capable Swiss banks.

Connecting European banks – just click on the Nordigen Connect button, select you Bank domicile country and the Bank.

Connecting US and Canada banks – click on the Plaid connect button and select the Bank you wish to connect to.

Connecting Swiss banks – as Swiss banks are not PSD2 capable, you will need to Apply for your Ebics integration by filling out the TRESIO Open Banking Google form directly in the TRESIO application. We will contact you for the individual set up.

How to connect your Invoices and accounting, HR-software, Subscriptions and Journals tools with TRESIO

TRESIO lets you connect with the following software tools:

  • Bexio – the Swiss online accounting software for small business
  • Run my Account – accounting software from Switzerland
  • Small Invoice –  customer Relationship Management tool that simplifies invoicing, offers, order confirmations, and delivery notes
  • Proffix – a financial management solution used for financial consolidation, budgeting, analysis, planning and management reporting
  • ImportDateFromURL – this NoCode integrator can be used when your financial software doesn’t have a native integration with TRESIO, but allows you to export data in a Google Spreadsheet or Excel file
  • Deel – the online HR and compliance software that simplifies international hiring for businesses of all sizes globally
  • Stripe – enables businesses to manage and accept payments online

Once you have identified the required connections, just click on the Connect button to set up integrations for each tool accordingly. You will be presented with some short and simple instructions that will help walk you through the whole process.

Tutorial video (10:08)

If you’re interested in learning more you can watch our tutorial video. Please use the time-codes below for quick access to specific sections of this tutorial video:
GoCardelss (Nordigen) – 0:20
Ebics – 1:44
Bexio – 2:54
Run my accounts – 04:02
Small Invoices – 04:57
Profix – 05:49
ImportDateFromURL – 06:33
Deel. – 8:14
Stripe – 8:54