Running accounting journals in TRESIO

An accounting journal is like a diary for a business’s financial transactions. It keeps a record of everything, which is crucial for balancing accounts and updating other financial records like the general ledger. Each entry in the journal documents a transaction, whether it’s related to money or not. These transactions are organized with debit and credit balances. With TRESIO, you can even create and personalize accounting reports using data from your journals.

How to add journal entries

You can add your accounting journals entries manually or retrieve all entries automatically via Bexio integration.

What the ‘Accounting Journal’ screen shows:

  • Source – journal entry source: manual or automatic via an integration
  • Comment – a user added comment for a brief description of the transaction
  • Amount – the amount to be credited and debited
  • Currency – transaction currency
  • Converted amount – converted in CHF (or other home currency) in case there are bookings in other currencies
  • Date – the date of the transaction
  • Debit –  an entry for incoming money flowing into an account
  • Credit – an entry for outgoing money flowing out of an account

How to add a new journal entry – click on the button ‘New’ and fill in all the details selecting Debit and Credit from categories list. Once a new journal entry is added you will see ‘Manual’ in the ‘Source’ column, which identifies a manually-entered entry.

How to import journal entries via integration – in order to import journal entries you need to connect Bexio Journal integration using your Bexio login credentials.

The successful active integration will import journal entries on a daily basis if set to auto-update.

Please note if you require an ad-hoc update for your active Journal Integration, then you can use the option ‘Update via API’ to request an immediate journal entries import.

You can duplicate, edit and delete existing journal entries. You can also copy, print and export entries to PDF or Excel.

How to create a custom view of your journal entries

The system will present all journal entries as per the default ‘Show all data view’. You can create your own view from scratch, or by duplicating the current system view.

To create a new view – click on the option ‘Add new view’ and un-check the boxes you don’t want to see on the screen. Use the filter option on the right hand side to customize each column further as required. Give your new view a unique name and click on the ‘Create’ button.

To duplicate a view – select one of the existing views from the dropdown list and customize the columns by using using the relevant checkboxes and filters. Click on the ‘Duplicate’ view to save your custom view with a unique name.

To remove a view – click on the ‘Remove’ button to remove a user created view entirely from the system.

To modify an existing view – simply use the ‘Apply’ button and leave the view name unchanged.