Creating accounting reports in TRESIO

Accounting reports are essential financial documents for businesses of all sizes. They serve various crucial purposes, such as tracking financial history, projecting future revenue, and maintaining accurate records for tax purposes. Many companies generate monthly accounting reports and may also create additional reports for specific needs. These reports provide a comprehensive snapshot of a company’s past and current financial status. Moreover, they aid businesses and financial analysts in making more accurate predictions about their future financial outlook.

How to create a predefined accounting report

Predefined accounting reports save time, ensure accuracy, and promote consistency in financial reporting. They offer user-friendly templates designed by experts, reducing the risk of errors and facilitating efficient data analysis. These reports also help in compliance with industry standards and regulations, making them valuable tools for informed decision-making.

To create a predefined accounting report, click on the ‘New’ tab.

A new pop-up will appear where you can select a report from the system reports Library or create and customize your own report by selecting ‘Blank accounting report’

Let’s say we choose the ‘P&L Bexio (simple)’ report.

Once selected in the library, the system will show you a report preview with the report’s description. Click on the Create button and the report will appear on a separate ‘P&L Bexio (simple)’ tab in the View mode.

For your newly created report, you can add a ‘Compare period’ to compare data from different time periods and use check boxes to include ‘Show difference’ and ‘Show difference %’

How to create a blank accounting report

Having a blank accounting report that users can customize offers significant advantages in financial management. Customization options provide flexibility for tailoring accounting reports to specific needs, adaptation to changes, and allowing in-depth analysis. Users can create personalized visualizations and align reports with strategic goals, enhancing agility and fostering a deeper understanding of the financial data.

To create a blank accounting report, click on the ‘New’ tab, select ‘Blank accounting report’ from the Library and click on the Create button.

To add entries to your blank report click on the ‘New’ button.

Once you set up your entry just click on the ‘Create’ button.

How to edit an accounting report

Accounting reports have View and Edit modes to respectively allow you to preview or make amendments.

To edit a report click on the Edit button.

Once Edit mode has been selected, you will see the list of all report entries made of headers and accounting entries. Using the editing icons on the right-hand side the headers can be removed, duplicated or excluded from being displayed in the report. The same options apply for the accounting entries, but they can also be edited.

To edit an accounting entry click on the pencil icon. A new pop up window will appear; In our example we can see Entry name (NET PROFIT / LOSS OF PERIOD), Calculation formula (A-B) and Measurement (Currency). Calculation formula – the currently applied formula from the predefined list and each of its variables are displayed in the table below. Should you wish to change the formula, simply choose another from the ‘Calculation formula’ list.

To edit formula variables click on the pencil icon next to it. You will see the variable name (A), Data Source (journal) and preview of the calculated categories data from accounting journals. You can add or remove categories as required and click on the Save button to update the formula variable.

To duplicate an accounting entry click on the duplicate icon on the right-hand side, a new entry will appear at the top on the table enabling you to change: Type (header or accounting entry), Text string (entry name), Position (position in the report), Style (font style), Measurement (currency or company currency). Once the required changes are complete, click on the ‘Create’ button and your newly created entry will be added to the bottom of the table.

To add a report header or footer just type in the name and use the edit icon next to it if you would like to amend the name.

How to remove a report

To remove a report click on the Remove button and the entire report tab will be removed. The Remove button is available in both View and Edit modes.

How to reset template

If you have amended one of the predefined templates, but for some reason would like to go back to its original version, you can click on the ‘Reset template’ button.