Managing Invoices with TRESIO

TRESIO enables you to accurately record all incoming and outgoing transactions, ensuring easy oversight of your budget. Incoming payments that are received in from your customers as payment for supplies or services rendered, while outgoing payments are to send out to vendors for supplies or services that were provided to you, among other payments. TRESIO offers convenient invoicing and expense management at your fingertips. Instantly visualize your cash flow through the TRESIO dashboard and seamlessly import invoices, automatically gathered from invoice management solutions like Sage, Bexio, and Proffix.

Invoices screen

The invoices screen lets you add new invoices manually or upload them via Excel spreadsheet. You can also Edit, Duplicate, Upload or Delete invoices.

The ‘Invoices‘ screen shows:

  • Invoice No. – unique sequential code
  • Invoice Amount – the net amount due
  • Currency – payment currency
  • Category – financial inflow/outflow category that the invoice will be mapped to
  • Status – Unpaid or Paid
  • Name – Debtor/Creditor name
  • Issue Date
  • Due Date
  • Upload Date

How to add an invoice

Click on the ‘New’ button and fill in all required information. Debtor name can be selected from the ‘Name’ list of previously configured debtors, or the ‘Add New’ option can be used to set up a new debtor.

If you wish to Duplicate an invoice, make sure you enter a unique Invoice No.

How to upload invoices

In order to upload Invoices in bulk, click on the ‘Upload’ button.

On the ‘Add Invoice’ screen please choose the type of invoices (debtors/creditors) and the uploading mode (delete/mark as paid the existing invoices) and browse the file to upload or use the drag and drop option.

Please be aware that you have the option to upload both debtors and creditors within the same file. The system will automatically determine the invoice type using the ‘Category’ field included in the file, along with the existing list of categories retained within the system. If categories have not been set up, the system will generate one based on the category specified in the file. This category will then be assigned to the inflow/outflow type, depending on the selected option (debtors/creditors) before uploading the file. We strongly recommend supplying set up categories before uploading the Invoices file to avoid any potential issues with your data.

Selecting the ‘Download sample Excel‘ option will provide you with a prepopulated template containing system-approved headers and sample data. This template is designed to assist you in creating your own file.

Third party invoice management systems supported by TRESIO

TRESIO lists the Invoice Management systems that can provide a supported file format for Invoice import.

If you ca not see your system on the supported systems list and would like us to add it, you can click on the ‘Your format’ link and fill in our Google form directly in the application for us to review.

Where to view Invoices on the Forecast and Dashboard screens

The Forecast screen displays your invoices within tabs: Forecast and IS-Data. Invoices will be taken into account when displaying the chart, and can be viewed in the ‘Forecast Details’ section if the ‘Show all’ categories option is selected. To view a breakdown of the total amount within the respective category, simply click on the total amount itself. This action will open a new pop-up window displaying the list of invoices that contribute to the overall total.

Dashboard screen will show all entered invoices in the respective charts.

Hover your cursor over the specific chart area to see expected and overdue amounts.