Liquidity planning for bexio users with TRESIO

Good news for users of the bexio accounting solution! TRESIO and bexio simplify liquidity planning for Swiss companies. Thanks to the bexio connection to TRESIO, you can quickly ensure financial clarity in your SME and know where your company will be financially in two weeks, a month or in a year – and you can make data-driven decisions at an early stage.

FAQ – Liquidity planning for bexio users in TRESIO

I am a bexio user. What is the easiest way to add TRESIO?

You can register for TRESIO here. With the “Login/Signup bexio” button, you can use your bexio account to register with TRESIO with just one click. Then select your desired subscription model and link the desired bexio profile to your TRESIO account.

I already have a TRESIO account. How can I add bexio?

Select the desired subscription model and then link your bexio profile to TRESIO by clicking on ‘Integrations’>’Connect’ and then ‘Click to connect with Bexio’, or use the API Token.

My supplier invoices are not transferred to TRESIO. What can I do?

TRESIO uses the new Vendor API from bexio. It was previously not possible to export supplier invoices from bexio. The existing bexio accounts are constantly being migrated to the new environment. You can find more information about the new bexio purchasing module here. Would you also like to migrate your bexio account to the new purchasing module free of charge? Contact us , we’ll be happy to arrange this for you.

Additionally, you can easily import the vendor invoices into TRESIO using the Excel upload. -> video tutorial

Which data is imported from bexio into TRESIO?

In the current version, bexio supports the export of customer and supplier invoices (Bills + Invoices). The planning data for medium to long-term planning is made directly in TRESIO. The connection will be gradually expanded and additional data will be taken over from bexio.

Tresio imports the following data from bexio:

  • Customer invoices (debtors)
  • Supplier invoices (creditors)
  • List of accounts

Thanks to the import of open invoices, the short-term liquidity development can be mapped automatically and kept up to date. The planning data for the medium to long-term planning is recorded directly in TRESIO.

From Q2 2023, other financial and balance sheet data can also be imported and evaluated directly in Tresio.

How do changes in TRESIO affect my billing data in bexio?

The billing data is only imported from bexio into TRESIO. There is no feedback, which means that any changes, deletions or additions in TRESIO have no effect on your data in bexio.

Why aren’t my bank and balance sheet data transferred from bexio?

Bank data and HR information will not be made available via the bexio API interface until further notice.

However, it is possible to connect Swiss and European bank accounts directly to Tresio. More information can be found here.

In bexio, a different amount is displayed under the total of all open invoices than in TRESIO. Why is that?

There are three ways this discrepancy can occur:

  1. You can also import invoices in the “draft” stage – these are not taken into account by bexio. Check in TRESIO in your API settings to ensure that all invoices you want to take into account for planning are actually imported.
  2. TRESIO takes invoices in foreign currencies into account at the current exchange rate. Some of the foreign currency rates used in bexio may deviate from this.
  3. The logic of the display in the bexio dashboard is different from that in TRESIO. TRESIO displays the total amount of all open invoices including the overdue invoices. Bexio displays open and overdue invoices separately. See example below:

The total of all open invoices is displayed in bexio as follows:

Open supplier and customer invoices
Screenshot: bexio

In TRESIO, the display is as follows – in total, the end result is the same:

Open supplier and customer invoices. Same situation, different presentation.
Screenshot: TRESIO.

What do the invoice statuses in bexio mean?

In TRESIO you can select which customer and vendor invoices should be imported (according to the bexio system status of the corresponding invoices).
While the customer invoices are self-explanatory, the many statuses for the vendors can be a bit confusing – we have therefore included a Cheat sheet below for you to download:

bexio-Cheat-Sheet-Accounts Payable-Status.pdf  Download

Advantages of TRESIO for bexio users:

  1. Monthly 5 hours time savings for cash flow and liquidity planning: Once set up, the planning in TRESIO updates itself automatically overnight.
  2. Data-driven decisions : TRESIO makes financial data visible. This allows entrepreneurs to make faster and better decisions.
  3. Facts instead of assumptions : With the link between bexio and TRESIO, SMEs know how they are doing financially and can act proactively instead of reacting
  4. Better standing vis-à-vis management, shareholders and your banker : With the clear evaluations and charts automatically generated in TRESIO, you can take your company’s reporting to the next level. This creates trust towards owners, lenders and management.
  5. Smarter collaboration : New users are added at the push of a button. This allows you to work efficiently with your team or external consultants without having to send files back and forth.

These three steps are necessary to link your bexio account with TRESIO:

  1. If you do not yet have a TRESIO account, you can create a new user account here free of charge.
  2. Select the right subscription and add a new company to TRESIO.
  3. Link the desired bexio account to TRESIO and start your first planning.

Bexio API invoices status import setup

At the moment, all invoices with the status “Open” imported by default and invoices with the “Draft” status can be imported if selected by a user for the import in the Bexio API settings.

Therefore have the option under the API settings to individually specify which invoices (according to the system status) are to be imported from bexio into Tresio and are to be taken into account for the short-term liquidity forecast.

Bexio / Tresio API settings. Screenshot: TRESIO.