Personnel costs and HR costs: how to plan correctly

Personnel costs are one of the most important components of any budget planning, as they usually represent a very significant part of the total costs. However, planning is not entirely trivial, especially at the liquidity level: total costs including contributions to the social, security and health care per employee might be known, but the payments are due at different times and at different intervals.

This article shows how cash flows per employee can be accurately planned using the TRESIO HR module and subsequently be taken into account for ongoing liquidity planning.

 HR costs are planned in TRESIO via the HR module:

HR costs as part of liquidity planning. Screenshot: Tresio.

Salary settings

The categories to which the components of the personnel costs are to be allocated are defined under ‘Salary settings’:

Account assignment settings for HR cost planning. Screenshot: Tresio.

By clicking on the dropdowns, you can determine for each expense type (by default: ‘Net salary category’, ‘Social expenses category’ and ‘Other expenses costs’) which expense categories the corresponding cost types should be allocated to.

Additional expense types such as contributions to the social, security and health care, like in the picture, can be created by clicking on ‘Add additional expense category’. Other examples of additional expenses include: 13th month pay, gratuities, commissions and bonuses or flat-rate expenses.

It is irrelevant whether all output types each have their own category or all go through the same category. The category assignment can also be changed later at any time.

Is a category missing? Additional categories and subcategories can be created at any time under ‘MANAGEMENT’  > ‘Categories’.

Manual registration of employees

New employees are created by clicking on ‘New’:

Registration of new employees. Screenshot: Tresio.

Employees are recorded individually.

The start date of the employment relationship is recorded under ‘Start date’. If the employment relationship is terminated or limited, the corresponding ‘End date’ is also recorded.

It is also possible to set the currency, for example for freelancers abroad who are paid in Euros.

The ‘Net salary’ (actual take-home amount per payment), ‘Periodicity’ is the frequency of payment (here monthly), and ‘Start date’ (next occurrence of the first payment) are then recorded.

In the example shown, the Other expenses costs are paid quarterly, with the next payment on Jan 30th. In this instance it is not enough, since there are weekly petrol expenses, monthly health insurance expense and food expense that occurs every 5 days – which is why it was recorded as an ‘Additional expenses’ .

If the values for standard fields such as ‘Social expense’ and ‘Other expense’ are insufficient or not precise enough, they can also be left blank and instead be recorded as ‘Additional expenses’. In this case, don’t forget to first enter all additional expenses under ‘Salary settings’, as shown above.

This recording is made per employee. For reasons of anonymity, you can also work with synonyms or personnel numbers; user-specific access authorization to the HR module is in the planning stage.

The data is then taken into account in Tresio’s liquidity planning on an accrual basis and in accordance with the reporting date.
The simulation of additional employees (what-if considerations) is still done via the ‘Planning Data’ screen.

Data import via HR software (deel. Integration)

In addition to manually inputting all employee data, it is also possible to import this data directly into TRESIO via the HR or payrolling software.

This capability can be provided by using Deel. 

Deel simplifies the worldwide, legally compliant hiring and management of employees and freelancers. By connecting Deel to Tresio, the information from all employment contracts recorded in Deel is automatically synchronized with Tresio and taken into account for ongoing liquidity planning in Tresio.

Individual connection request? No problem!

If required, we would be happy to support you with the adaptation and individual connection to your HR or payrolling software. Talk to our team, we would be happy to make you an attractive offer!