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Empower your entrepreneurial journey

TRESIO equips business owners with an intuitive financial management tool, transforming you into an empowered Entrepreneur CFO, capable of making informed decisions with a clear understanding of your company's financial health.

Elevate your role to Entrepreneur



Managing finances can be overwhelming

As a small or medium-sized business owner, you wear many hats, and understanding the intricacies of your company's finances can be challenging.

You need a straightforward, comprehensive tool that demystifies financial management, empowering you to make decisions with confidence.

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Step into your role as an Entrepreneur CFO with TRESIO’s user-friendly platform

TRESIO is designed for business owners like you, offering a clear and concise view of your financial landscape, enabling you to effectively manage your cash flow.

With our product, you can plan for the future and make strategic decisions without needing extensive finance or accounting experience.

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TRESIO’s core features



Truly understand your financial data

Reporting does not have to be a hassle. With TRESIO's seamless integration with your accounting tool, our analytics engine transforms complex data into clear, actionable insights, empowering you to make strategic decisions with confidence and drive your business forward.



Control your cash flow

Liquidity is the lifeblood of any business - without it, organizations can die quickly. TRESIO's intuitive and user-friendly solution lets you forecast and optimize your cash flow, ensuring you have the funds you need to grow your business and meet obligations at any given time.



Anticipate and strategize

You always need a plan B. TRESIO lets you set up and compare multiple financial scenarios, enabling you to navigate future uncertainties with confidence and strategic foresight. Forget the formula errors and versioning problems that typically come with Spreadsheets - TRESIO is the new way to operate your business.



Centralize your financial oversight

Easily manage all your bank accounts in one place, connect the ERP & accounting software, anticipate any future investments, hires, sales, and gain a real-time overview of your finances. This centralization of all finance data saves you time, allowing you to focus on strategic analysis and decision-making, rather than on data collection.

Getting Started

Are you ready to go? Use our self service onboarding and get started in under 5 minutes

Would you like to discuss your needs and get a tailored offer? Initiate a conversation and connect with our experts to discuss how TRESIO can enhance your business

Setup assistance: If you opt for the assisted onboarding, our team will guide you through the setup process, ensuring a smooth integration of TRESIO into your existing finance set up

Ready to go: For a standard SME, TRESIO is typically set up & running in < 2 hours. Our team will be happy to assist you setting up additional integrations and connecting your bank accounts

Comprehensive resources: Numerous in-app tutorial videos and articles in our academy give you the background information needed to optimize your TRESIO account



As your own Entrepreneur CFO, gain the insights and tools you need to make informed financial decisions, driving your business's success.

Get a comprehensive view of your business's finances, enabling quick, informed decisions and a deeper understanding of your financial health.

Use TRESIO's tools to effectively manage and forecast your cash flow, ensuring your business is always financially prepared.

With TRESIO's intuitive platform, manage your finances with ease, even without a background in finance or accounting.

Trust in TRESIO's Swiss hosting certification, ensuring your data is secure and managed under the highest standards of privacy and security.

As your business grows, TRESIO grows with you, offering a robust platform to support your evolving financial management needs.

Unlock the full potential of your business management

Become your own CFO with TRESIO