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Liquidity Planning

Supercharge your cash flow potential

Did you know that eight out of ten business bankruptcies stem from liquidity shortages? Even profitable businesses can face bankruptcy if they run out of cash. Ensure your business's financial resilience with an effective liquidity planning.

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Take control of your financial
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Real-time financial overview

Seamlessly connecting with your bank accounts and integrating with your existing finance tools, TRESIO provides you with a comprehensive, real-time overview of your financial health. No more guessing games or manual updates - TRESIO keeps you up to date, effortlessly.



Empowering scenario planning

Imagine the freedom of running unlimited what-if scenarios and instantly visualizing their impact on your company's liquidity. TRESIO empowers you to plan for any possible scenario, ensuring you're prepared for the future.



Unlock the power of intelligent liquidity planning

Embrace TRESIO and unlock the power of intelligent liquidity forecasting, live data integration, and effortless planning. Take control of your business's financial destiny with TRESIO – the smart choice for small and medium sized businesses.



Streamline your cash flow with TRESIO

Seamlessly connect with your bank accounts and existing finance tools for real-time insights. Monitor inflows, outflows, and identify gaps to maintain a healthy cash flow. Automate cash flow management and make confident strategic decisions with TRESIO as your ultimate tool.

User benefits: How TRESIO’s liquidity planning
module gives you the advantage

Intelligent liquidity and cash flow forecasting with real-time data integration

Seamless integration with business tools for low maintenance

Comprehensive scenario planning capabilities for Team collaboration

Streamlined subsidiary consolidation

Project and cost-center-based planning with company-wide impact

Q2 2023 release: Embed reports and share with peers

Q3 2023 release: Automated actuals versus forecasts comparison


Use cases: How our customers use
TRESIO’s liquidity planning

TRESIO caters to small businesses looking for a comprehensive overview of future cash flows and liquidity. By gaining better insights into their financial position, these businesses can effectively plan their spendings and investments, empowering them to make informed financial decisions.

For established SMEs that maintain a credit line with their house bank, TRESIO provides a valuable solution for reporting their liquidity plan on a regular basis. With TRESIO’s intuitive interface and powerful features, these businesses can streamline their reporting processes and ensure compliance with their credit line requirements.

Startups often face the challenge of properly planning and managing their runway. TRESIO offers startups the necessary tools and functionalities to create accurate financial forecasts, enabling them to effectively allocate resources, secure funding, and maximize their runway.

Construction companies handling multiple large-scale projects can consolidate their financial data in TRESIO. This allows them to gain a comprehensive overview and effectively manage their projects' financial aspects. TRESIO’s features enable these companies to monitor project-specific cash flows and ensure adequate liquidity for each endeavor.

Small conglomerates comprising multiple companies benefit from TRESIO’s ability to provide a complete overview of their group's liquidity. With TRESIO's comprehensive reporting and consolidation capabilities, these conglomerates can ensure that each entity within their group has sufficient liquidity while maintaining a holistic view of their financial health.

We are dedicated to providing personalized solutions that are tailored to your specific needs, ensuring a perfect alignment with your goals and challenges. We accommodate individual requests and seamlessly integrate with your existing tools. We work for your success by constantly evolving our offerings.

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