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Loan module

Manage your loans with TRESIO

Keep track of all your outstanding loans with the TRESIO Loan module.
You can add repayment schedules, set the interest rate, and simulate how these factors will impact your organization’s future cash flow. The interest rate can be fixed or selected from underlying yield curves for SARON, EURIBOR, SOFR, or customized according to your preferences.

Take control of your financial
future with TRESIO



Flexible repayment and Interest management

Tailor your repayment schedules and interest rates with TRESIO's Loan module. Enjoy unparalleled flexibility as you simulate and customize factors like fixed rates or dynamic options such as SARON, EURIBOR, and SOFR according to your preferences.



Tailored loan mapping

Customize your loan mapping with TRESIO. Exercise total control as you map repayments, interests, first and last payments to specific inflow and outflow system categories. Whether aligning with existing categories or creating your own, TRESIO ensures tailored mapping that perfectly suits your organization's needs.



User-friendly interface

Keeping track of your loan obligations should be a task that does not take much of your time. Our user-friendly interface has been optimized to boost your productivity and efficiency.



Dynamic risk mitigation

Be ahead of the game. Paired with Tresio's forecast screen, our Loan module provides a proactive tool to anticipate and manage financial obligations effectively. Minimize the risk of default and stay in control of your financial future.

User benefits: How Loan repayment module
gives you the advantage

Proactively anticipate and manage financial obligations with TRESIO’sLoan module, reducing the risk of default and enhancing overall financial planning

Tailor your loan forecasts to your unique needs, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to changing financial circumstances

Simulate what effect potential early repayments or increasing interest rates will have on your overall cash flow

Experience the ease of navigating your loan obligations with Tresio's user-friendly interface, promoting a more accessible and enjoyable user experience

Obtain comprehensive financial insights into your loan payments, allowing for informed decision-making and strategic financial management


Use cases: Who can benefit
from using TRESIO

A small business with a single loan can leverage TRESIO to gain insights into the impact of repayments and interest on their future cash flows. TRESIO's intuitive interface allows them to navigate and understand their financial obligations with ease.

Real estate portfolios are very often highly leveraged. In the current environment, it is inevitable to keep a close eye on the financing structure and financial obligations of your real estate assets. Whether it is just one object or a portfolio of multiple assets - TRESIO got you covered and allows you a detailed planning & reporting.

For startups managing outstanding convertible loans, TRESIO serves as a vital tool to keep track of all obligations. The flexibility and precision in tracking interest payments, due dates and possible repayments enable startups to strategically plan and manage their financial commitments as they navigate growth and fundraising.

A medium-sized business looking to optimize its funding structure can benefit from TRESIO's Loan module. By simulating different repayment scenarios and exploring various interest rate options, the business gains valuable insights to make informed decisions and enhance its overall financial strategy.

Large organizations with multiple entities often face the challenge of managing numerous loan obligations. TRESIO provides a consolidated view, allowing them to comprehensively oversee and analyze all their loan obligations across different entities. This feature simplifies financial management, promoting efficiency and strategic decision-making.

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