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In today's dynamic business landscape, effective human resource management is paramount. TRESIO introduces its powerful HR Planning tool, designed to streamline employee management and consolidate all associated expenses within a single, user-friendly platform.
Whether you're a small business or a global enterprise, our HR Planning tool offers unparalleled flexibility. With the ability to seamlessly configure an unlimited number of employees across various companies and support for multiple currencies, TRESIO empowers organizations to map their workforce and expenses by country, ensuring precision in global HR management. Furthermore, our tool caters to diverse payment frequencies, allowing for customized periodicity, even for freelance positions, making HR planning truly versatile and tailored to your unique needs.

Empower your financial management
with TRESIO's HR planning tool



Gain unprecedented insights

TRESIO's HR Planning tool provides a full overview of the total cost per employee, ensuring complete transparency in your financial management. Say goodbye to hidden expenses and surprise budget overruns. With TRESIO, you'll have a crystal-clear understanding of your HR costs, empowering you to make informed decisions for your organization's financial health.



Navigate your cash flow

Managing cash flow can be challenging, especially when social expenses don't align with your profit and loss statement. TRESIO's HR Planning tool offers a detailed cash flow view that unveils the real financial picture. You'll see beyond the monthly P&L numbers, helping you plan for those quarterly or annual expenses accurately.



Tailored for your workforce

No two workforces are the same, especially when they come from different jurisdictions. TRESIO's HR Planning tool is fully customizable to accommodate the unique needs of your diverse team. Whether it's tax regulations, benefits, or payment structures, you can configure the tool to align perfectly with your global workforce, ensuring compliance and efficiency.



Scale without limits

Your organization's growth knows no bounds, and neither should your HR planning tool. With TRESIO, you can manage an unlimited number of employees across all plans. Whether you're a small startup or an expanding enterprise, our HR Planning tool grows with you, giving you the flexibility to scale your team without constraints.

User benefits: How TRESIO’s HR planning
tool gives you the advantage

Achieve precise control over HR costs management

Enhance productivity among HR professionals

Access comprehensive HR data and analytics to make data-driven decisions

Easily scale your HR processes and tools as your organization grows

Minimize paperwork and manual data entry with digital HR processes

Keep the overview of all expenses on cash level - regardless if for a small company with three employees or a global workforce of several hundred!


Use cases: Who can benefit
from using TRESIO

Many small businesses operate under the assumption that monthly salary payments cover all HR-related expenses. However, this often leads to overlooking future obligations like social security contributions, which are usually paid on a quarterly or even annual basis. “Forgetting” these expenses can lead to a personal liability on board level. TRESIO's HR Planning tool offers a detailed cash flow view that includes these future expenses, enabling small business owners to plan proactively and avoid unexpected financial strain.

TRESIO's HR Planning cappabilities are ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises that need to manage a diverse range of employee costs and data. With TRESIO's comprehensive analytics, these businesses can gain a full overview of their HR expenses, enabling them to budget effectively and avoid unexpected costs.

Startups that are in a rapid growth phase can benefit from TRESIO's scalable HR Planning tool. The platform can manage an unlimited number of employees, allowing startups to focus on growth without worrying about outgrowing their HR management system or forgetting about future cost.

Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs) can leverage TRESIO's HR Planning tool to make data-driven decisions about workforce management. The tool's customizable features allow CHROs to align HR processes with organizational goals, ensuring that human capital is managed efficiently and effectively.

For organizations operating in multiple countries, TRESIO's HR Planning tool offers features that cater to international regulations and currencies. This ensures that multinational corporations can manage their global workforce in compliance with local laws, while also consolidating all HR expenses into a single platform.

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