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Family Offices

Simplify multi-entity cash management

TRESIO provides a tailored financial management solution for family offices, focusing on the unique challenges and opportunities presented by real asset investments. Streamline your operations with our platform designed specifically for your needs.

Optimize your family office's financial
management with TRESIO



Managing a family office's wealth is intricate

Managing a family office's wealth, especially with investments in real assets, demands a nuanced approach to financial oversight.

Balancing multiple bank accounts, currencies, and entities is challenging, making it essential to have a comprehensive yet straightforward system to monitor cash flow and bank account statuses.

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Gain unparalleled visibility and control with TRESIO’s financial toolkit

TRESIO offers a robust platform tailored for wealth managers. It provides instant access to consolidated financial data, enabling more informed decision-making processes.

Additionally, it simplifies the management of diverse assets and accounts, ultimately enhancing overall operational efficiency.

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TRESIO’s core features



Centralize your financial oversight

Easily monitor all bank accounts and currencies in one place, reducing the need to access multiple banking platforms and providing a clear view of your financial status.



Master your cash flow across entities

With TRESIO, anticipate and plan for future cash movements, ensuring you're always informed and prepared for the family office's financial needs. Future cash flows can be planned on the individual entity as well as on group level - multiple holding levels are supported.



Gain real-time transaction insights

Our upcoming account reconciliation feature will provide you with real-time insights into past transactions, enhancing your financial oversight and strategic planning.



We've got you covered

Leveraging our heritance in the SME sector, TRESIO delivers a treasury solution that's both sophisticated and affordable. Now extended to serve family offices and direct investment funds, our solution ensures that managing your treasury doesn't cost a fortune.

Getting Started

Initiate a conversation: Connect with our experts to discover how TRESIO can revolutionize your family office's financial management

Needs assessment: Our team will tailor their approach to your specific needs, focusing on providing a clear overview and efficient management of your cash flow and bank accounts

Tailored offer: Receive a proposal designed to meet the unique challenges and complexities of your family office, especially in managing real assets

Setup assistance: Our dedicated team will guide you through the setup process, ensuring TRESIO integrates seamlessly into your operations

Ready to go: Achieve comprehensive financial control and visibility within 1-3 months, enhancing the strategic management of your family office's wealth



Obtain a comprehensive view of your financial landscape, enabling quick access to critical data and insights across all entities and bank accounts.

With our tools, predict and manage your cash flow needs accurately, ensuring financial stability and readiness for opportunities or challenges.

Manage all banking relationships in one platform, saving time and reducing the complexity of financial operations.

Utilize real-time financial data and liquidity planning tools to make informed decisions that protect and grow the family office's wealth.

Benefit from a sophisticated treasury solution that offers significant savings compared to traditional systems, tailored for family offices and direct investment funds.

With TRESIO, your data is not only hosted in Switzerland, adhering to the highest standards of privacy and security, but is also protected with our commitment to top-tier security measures, ensuring your financial information is safe and never leaves Swiss territory.

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