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Fuel your startup’s growth with TRESIO!

TRESIO equips startups with a dynamic financial management tool, designed to navigate the challenges of limited cash flow, ensuring you're always prepared with a plan B and ready to impress your investors with insightful reports.

Elevate your startup's financial
strategy with TRESIO



Managing finances in a cash-constrained environment

Startups often operate with tight budgets, making effective cash management crucial.

Balancing growth aspirations with financial sustainability requires a keen understanding of your liquidity and the ability to communicate your financial health to investors.

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Master your startup's finances with precision and ease

TRESIO equips startups with the tools to maintain a robust financial strategy, offering real-time insights into cash flow, scenario planning for future uncertainties, and streamlined reporting to keep stakeholders informed.

Prolong the runway of your venture and always have a plan B ready for rainy days.

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TRESIO’s core features



Navigate your cash flow with confidence

Understand your cash position at any moment and forecast future scenarios with TRESIO's liquidity planning tools, ensuring you can make informed decisions and maintain financial stability.



Prepare for the unexpected

Develop and compare various financial scenarios with TRESIO, enabling your startup to anticipate potential challenges and pivot strategies swiftly, ensuring resilience in the face of uncertainty.



Centralize your financial management

TRESIO integrates seamlessly with your existing tool stack, providing a unified view of your finances, reducing manual data entry, and allowing you to focus on strategic decision-making.



Communicate with clarity and confidence

Generate comprehensive reports effortlessly with TRESIO, providing your investors with the transparency and insights they need to stay engaged and supportive of your startup's journey. Spend your time analyzing, not gathering data.

Getting Started

Are you ready to go? Use our self service onboarding and get started in under 5 minutes

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Setup assistance: If you opt for the assisted onboarding, our team will guide you through the setup process, ensuring a smooth integration of TRESIO into your existing finance set up

Ready to go: For a standard SME, TRESIO is typically set up & running in < 2 hours. Our team will be happy to assist you setting up additional integrations and connecting your bank accounts

Comprehensive resources: Numerous in-app tutorial videos and articles in our academy give you the background information needed to optimize your TRESIO account



With TRESIO's advanced tools, manage your cash flow and runway efficiently, ensuring your startup can navigate the challenges of limited resources and seize growth opportunities.

Gain a comprehensive view of your startup's financial landscape, enabling quick access to critical data and insights for informed decision-making.

Produce detailed and insightful reports with ease, fostering trust and transparency with your investors, which is crucial for ongoing support and future funding.

Streamline your financial processes with TRESIO's integrations, saving time and reducing the complexity of managing your startup's finances.

As your startup grows, TRESIO grows with you, offering a scalable and secure platform to accommodate your evolving financial management needs.

Unlock the full potential of your business management

Become your own CFO with TRESIO