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Imagine having all your critical financial data consolidated into one centralized platform, giving you a simplified and comprehensive overview of your business's financial health.

TRESIO lets you have all your
banks in one place



EBICS support for Swiss banks that are not PSD2 capable

TRESIO offers a separate interface built on the reliable EBICS standard. This ensures modern, fast, and secure data exchange between Swiss banks and TRESIO, enabling Swiss entrepreneurs to effortlessly connect their accounts.



TRESIO Q2 2023 release provides US bank support

TRESIO supports US bank accounts in collaboration with our trusted technology partner, PLAID, enabling TRESIO to connect with over 10,000 banks across the United States. Providing you an even wider range of banking options.



Fully-fledged PSD2 support for European banks

TRESIO seamlessly connects with European bank accounts using cutting-edge technology from our trusted partner, Nordigen. As a result, TRESIO can integrate with over 2,300 banks across 32 European countries, including popular neobanks and payment service providers such as Revolut, Wise, PayPal, and Stripe.



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Reach out to our dedicated team, as we are committed to finding tailored solutions and exploring possibilities for your needs. Unlock the true potential of your financial data with TRESIO’s multibanking interface. Say goodbye to fragmented information and embrace the convenience of having all your financial information in one place.

User benefits: How TRESIO’s multibanking
tool gives you the advantage

Daily complete overview of your current cash balances across different banks and jurisdictions

Individualized dashboards let you divide by bank, country and currency

Supports companies at an individual level as well as consolidated groups

All transactions can be presented in a single, unified table, easily exported to MS Excel with just one click

Q3 2023 release: enhanced sorting & filtering function - never miss out on reporting or following up important transactions

Q4 2023 release: AI-assisted automated classification of transactions


Use cases: Who can benefit
from using TRESIO

TRESIO enables small businesses to enhance their liquidity forecasting by seamlessly connecting their bank accounts. By leveraging TRESIO's multibanking capabilities, these businesses can maximize automation, simplifying the process of forecasting liquidity and gaining valuable insights for effective financial planning.

For SMEs managing relationships with multiple banks, TRESIO offers a centralized solution. These businesses can access a daily overview of balances and transactions across all their banks without the hassle of logging into each individual bank. TRESIO simplifies financial management, saving time and providing a comprehensive view of their financial position.

TRESIO caters to groups of companies operating across Europe with numerous bank accounts. The CFO can benefit from Tresio's multibanking capabilities by gaining a daily overview of each child company's cash holdings, currencies, and balances. TRESIO consolidates this information, providing a holistic view of the group's liquidity at any given time.

TRESIO supports family offices with special purpose vehicle (SPV) structures, offering them a complete, consolidated picture of their exposure by bank, country, and currency. By combining daily balances with planned account movements, TRESIO empowers family offices to accurately forecast liquidity, enabling strategic decision-making and risk management.

TRESIO caters to private equity companies managing a significant number of bank accounts. With TRESIO’s multibanking capabilities, these companies benefit from a unified format for easily processing and analyzing weekly bank transactions. This simplified reporting in Excel format supports seamless communication with partners, ensuring transparency and efficient collaboration.

We are dedicated to providing personalized solutions that are tailored to your specific needs, ensuring a perfect alignment with your goals and challenges. Our commitment lies in exploring various possibilities and innovative approaches to meet your requirements effectively. With a focus on customization, we continuously evolve our offerings to stay ahead of the curve and deliver exceptional results that drive your success.

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