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TRESIO offers seamless integration with third party applications, empowering you with robust financial capabilities. At our core, we strive to offer flexible and adaptable solutions to meet your unique needs.
Discover the power of TRESIO, the all-in-one financial management platform that offers a wide range of integrations with leading companies. With TRESIO, you can effortlessly connect and synchronize your banking, accounting, invoicing, HR, and payment systems, unlocking a world of possibilities for streamlined financial operations. These integrations enable secure and automated data synchronization, allowing you to access real-time information and optimize your financial processes.
By connecting your TRESIO account with these integrations, you gain the advantage of seamless data flow, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors. Whether it's importing bank details, invoices, contracts, or payment information, TRESIO's integrations ensure that your financial data is up-to-date, accurate, and easily accessible from a single platform. Experience the convenience of consolidated financial management and gain a holistic view of your business's financial health.

International banking



Simplify Swiss and German banking integration with TRESIO

TRESIOS's integration with Ebics is specifically designed to facilitate connections with Swiss banks using the Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard (Ebics). This integration enables seamless synchronization of transactions and account balances for Swiss and German bank accounts, providing automated financial management.

TRESIO supports major financial institutions across Switzerland and Germany, including UBS, Credit Suisse, Raiffeisen and many more. For a comprehensive list, please visit the link below. If your bank is not on the list, reach out to our support team, and we will explore possibilities to add it for you.

Banks supported by Ebics ᐅ

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Streamline your European banking experience with TRESIO's partnership

TRESIO's partnership with GoCardless (ex Nordigen) unlocks powerful connectivity with over 2,300 leading European banks. GoCardless offers regulated access to banks in 32 countries and ensures a secure and free experience. Through the GoCardless integration, TRESIO automatically synchronizes your bank details, balances, and transactions, effortlessly keeping you up-to-date.

TRESIO supports major financial institutions across Europe, including HSBC, Revolut, PayPal, and many more. For a comprehensive list, please visit the link below. If your bank is not on the list, our support team is here to assist you in exploring possibilities to add it.

Banks supported by GoCardless ᐅ

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Expand your US banking options with TRESIO's integration

TRESIO has partnered with Plaid, a world-leading data network and payments platform, to provide seamless integration with over 10,000 banks across the US and Canada. This collaboration enables effortless importing bank account balances and transactions. Plaid's renowned reputation ensures secure data handling, while TRESIO offers a consolidated view of your finances, saving you time and empowering you to make informed decisions.

Simplify your US banking experience with TRESIO and Plaid, revolutionizing your financial management. The list of supported financial institutions includes major banks such as JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, and more. For a comprehensive list, please visit the link below or contact our support team for further assistance.

Banks supported by Plaid ᐅ

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Invoices processing and
accounting services



Let's start with Bexio - The Swiss online accounting software for small business

Bexio is the Swiss online accounting software tailored for small businesses. With the Bexio integration, we import debtor and creditor invoices and bills from the Bexio tool to TRESIO. This data is utilized for short-term liquidity outlook. You have the flexibility to select and customize which invoices you would like to import from Bexio based on their status.

Additionally, TRESIO can import the accounting structure from Bexio, enabling the use of those categories directly within TRESIO. We also import accounting data for thorough analysis and customized reports (Q3 2023 release).

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Optimize cash flow planning with TRESIO and Run My Accounts integration

Run My Accounts (RMA) simplifies accounting processes for SMEs and startups with its Swiss accounting software. Scan receipts and initiate payments effortlessly, while automated booking processes handle the rest. TRESIO's integration allows for seamless export of bank information, providing real-time financial insights and efficient liquidity planning.

Experience the transformative power of RMA and TRESIO. Streamline accounting with RMA's technology, scan receipts, and make payments effortlessly. Gain real-time financial insights with TRESIO's integration. Simplify financial management and focus on driving growth and success.

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Automate invoicing with TRESIO's Small Invoice integration

TRESIO empowers businesses with seamless integration with Small Invoice, an online Customer Relationship Management tool that simplifies invoicing, offers, order confirmations, and delivery notes. By leveraging the TRESIO integration, you can effortlessly import your customer invoices, optimizing your financial management processes and saving valuable time.

Benefit from TRESIO's efficient processes, such as payment reconciliation with your bank and automated dunning workflows, to minimize your administrative workload. Experience the synergy between TRESIO and Small Invoice, unlocking new levels of productivity for your business.

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Financial management using ABACUS and INFONIQA data exchange

Abacus is the most popular ERP solution in Switzerland, covering General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cost Accounting, and E-Banking. TRESIO provides you with a choice of ways to import exported data from Abacus: via FTP, linking your own shared drive via public URL or uploading the Abacus files using Drag & Drop File Import.

INFONIQA (formerly known as SAGE in Switzerland), and mainly used by larger companies with complex operational processes. INFONIQA software is the modular ERP system for managing finances, payments, orders and wages. Starting with Infoniqa ONE 50, data can be easily exchanged with third-party systems such as TRESIO via FTP file servers, linking your own shared drive via public URL or uploading the INFONIQA files using Drag & Drop File Import.

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Connect any financial software with TRESIO's NoCode integrator

If your financial software doesn't have a native integration with TRESIO but allows you to export data in a Google Spreadsheet or Excel file, you can still connect with TRESIO using the NoCode integrator. This connection is particularly useful for tools like ABACUS in Switzerland, where you can export bills and OP lists as Excel or Google files.

By storing these files on a shared drive, TRESIO can connect to the drive and retrieve the most recent file. TRESIO enables the import of bills and invoices from an Excel file. These files can be imported into TRESIO via a public URL from Google Spreadsheet or an FTP server.

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Global hiring, HR and
payroll software



Seamlessly manage international hires with TRESIO's Deel integration

Deel is an online HR and compliance platform which simplifies international hiring for global businesses of any size. Deel hires employees through their own local entities on a company's behalf and manages employment law compliance in each country. Deel assists with creating contracts using localized templates.

TRESIO’s integration enables all Deel-created contracts to be downloaded and used to create employee information within TRESIO. This seamless integration streamlines the process of managing remote hires and ensures that the employee data in TRESIO is accurate and up-to-date.

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Subscription management



Integrate subscription data effortlessly with TRESIO and Stripe

Stripe provides APIs that web developers can use to integrate payment processing into their websites and mobile applications. Stripe software also includes a billing product for online businesses, allowing businesses to manage recurring subscription revenue and invoicing.

TRESIO's integration with Stripe offers a powerful solution for SaaS companies facing the challenge of forecasting revenue on a cash basis. By connecting your Stripe account with TRESIO, you can gain real-time insights into when your annual, quarterly, and monthly subscriptions materialize in your bank account. This integration allows you to combine revenue data with running costs for accurate cash forecasts.

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