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Analyze and forecast your cash flow

Get a holistic overview of your company's finances in real time and make the right decisions.

Your new «Single Source of Truth»

Finance doesn’t stop with accounting: to get a holistic company view, TRESIO considers dozens of data sources such as accounting, payroll, cash balances from your bank, revenue from your subscription software and combines this already available data with your own outlook and estimates.

The data is imported either through our growing number native integrations or via Google sheets and Excel, the budget data is modelled directly in TRESIO.

Benefit from our SME-friendly prices


Our popular entry-level package for small businesses.

CHF 25


Package functions

1 Users

1 Companies

1 API Integrations


The recommended solution for small teams who manage one or up to three companies.

CHF 49


Package functions

3 Users

3 Companies

2 API Integrations


Popular among financial consultants and SME-holdings who control up to 10 companies.

CHF 99



Package functions

15 Users

10 Companies



Cover as many entities as you wish and collaborate with teams of any size.



Package functions




Price monthly payment / annual payment

30 / 25

59 / 49

119 / 99

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Consolidation / holding view

API Integrations



Bank accounts



Excel / CSV Import

Max. planning period

12 months

36 months

36 months


Monthly Forecast

10-weeks Forecast

Daily Forecast

Financial analysis

Foreign currencies

Planning in crypto currencies

Onboarding service

390 CHF

390 CHF

Premium support

40 CHF /mo

40 CHF /mo

Personal relationship manager

Base scenarios



Alternative scenarios



* - in development

The next level for your enterprise finances

TRESIO gives you access to the tools that have previously been exlusive to large corporations.

Financial analysis

Our interactive and easy understandable dashboards have been built for the needs of small- to mid-sized companies. Recognize new business opportunities, and know where the potential weaknesses are. Our Financial Analysis module analyses the following areas of your business:

  • Profitability

  • Working capital

  • Financial strength

  • Profit versus Cash Flow

Individually commented PDF reports can be issued instantly.


Liquidity planning

TRESIO combines your bills and invoices with the budget you set to give you the most accurate possible liquidity forecast. To make managing your business easier, TRESIO even syncs with your accounting software.

The most important functions in a nutshell:

  • Different viewing periods

  • Clear dashboards

  • Intelligent support

  • Alerts, if the system detects potential threats

Collaboration has never been easier - give your team-mates or external advisors the access they need or even delegate the cash flow planning of entire subsidiaries.

Discover new potential

TRESIO makes the liquidity-impact of your business-decisions visible.

  • What would be the cash impact if my customers paid their bills 10 days earlier?

  • What would happen if I increased my prices by 1%, leading to 5% less revenue?

  • How fast should I pay my suppliers?

  • How much liquidity could I free up if I optimized my warehouse management?

With TRESIO's calculator, you will make your business decisions with much more confidence because you know they are fact based.

Szenarien Liquiditaet


1st Quarter

Analytics Dashboard: Complete overhaul, allowing for much more relevant, individualized reports based on accounting, forecasting, bank transactions and subscription data.

Real time finance kpi dashboard, based on bexio accounting data (native ingegration).

Real time finance kpi dashboard, based on journa data (Abacus, Sage, DATEV and others).

3rd Quarter

Analytics: Further improvements, peer-comparison, industry-statistics.

Multibanking: Fine-tuning of and adjustments on the categorization-AI. Optimizing for additional banks.

Click on the link to view an extended list of scheduled updates.

Click on the link to view the full list of previous updates.

Scenario Planning: Improvements on the handling and projection of alternative scenarios.

Run-Rate Calculator.

General UX improvements on the overall functionality of the forecasting, including improved calculations for VAT.

Integrations with additional accounting tools from the DACH-region planned.

2nd Quarter

First implementation of predictive forecasting and smart hints.

4th Quarter

Some of our 200+ happy customers

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We facilitate the financial management of your company


Tobias Angehrn

CEO & Founder

Tobias has a strong background in finance. He started his career in commercial banking and very soon realized how many business owners struggle with keeping on top with their finances. His personal mission is to give small businesses access to the tools and knowledge that are standard in large organizations and make them more successful by that.


Dr. Roman Levchenko

CTO & Co-Founder

Roman is a coder by heart and looks back to more than 20 years of experience in software- and AI-startups. He joined Tresio because he first-hand experienced the lack of financial overview in past ventures himself. In his role of CTO, he is managing our development team and is deeply involved in defining the product strategy.


Dr. Ievgen Sliusar

IT Infrastructure Engineer

Ievgen keeps eye on the Tresio technical infrastructure. From the perspective of 20 years of experience in systems and network administration and having witnessed emerging and maturing of the cloud technologies and DevOps, he makes sure that all the environments are provisioned and re-provisioned properly, deployments, integrations and product updates are delivered in a steady pace and customers' data remains safe.


Noel Ryser

Business Development Manager

As an accounting manager in a fast-growing startup, Noel experienced first-hand how critical liquidity planning and scenario planning is for survival. When he was looking for a compatible tool for his then software solution, he came across Tresio and was hooked from the start. Today he is the contact person for all Tresio users and supports them with words and deeds.

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