Tresio Changelog

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Future developments

Technical improvements

  • Bank accounts: enable Excel-upload, aligned with Abacus’ standard export-format  
  • Planning module: facilitating the liquidity planning by adding additional functionality and UX-improvements  
  • Invoices table: enhance visibility and filter functionality  
  • Financial Analysis module: adding additional features, increasing interconnectivity with the forecasting module, real-time updates and improved import-function; UX improvements  
  • Bexio: import of bank account data: conceptual phase, bexio’s current api environment does not allow direct export; we are investigating alternatives  
  • Bexio: enhancing data import to allow more automated analytics and planning  
  • Rebuild onboarding-tour for new users  
  • Forecast: increase planning period to 36 months in pro-version  
  • Forecast: adding historical view  
  • Forecast: allow multiple scenarios and simulations  
  • Forecast: allowing data export in Excel and PDF format  

July 2021

Last technical improvements

Date : [15-07-2021]

  • User management: Improved convenience, assigned companies

Date : [30-07-2021]

  • Simplified signup process for bexio users: registration with one click, company- and profile details are automatically transferred directly from bexio to Tresio. Introduction video to the new signup process (in German):
  • Automated download of open invoices (accounts receivables and accounts payables) for bexio users, without manual token-generation

June 2021

Last technical improvements

Date : [16-06-2021]

  • Improvements on main dashboard: total of outstanding invoices (debtors, creditors and amounts in delay) are now showing in each company’s default currency (previously: CHF)

May 2021

Last technical improvements

Date : [03-05-2021]

  • Daily Forecasting: extended to 31 days for Team and Profiessional users, leading to better overview and improved planning capabilities
  • Bank accounts: Allowing Excel export

Date : [19-05-2021]

  • Invoice upload: Drag & Drop
  • Changes on page structure: The address logic became more user friendly, allowing to set bookmarks in the browser for most viewed parts in the application

Date : [31-05-2021]

  • Adjustments on user management and assigning of user rights: Power users (plans: SME and Professional) now have full edit rights and there is no more restriction on assigned companies compared to main user

April 2021

Last technical improvements

Date : [10-04-2021]

  • Major update (back end), leading to significant improvements on speed of page loads and overall application performance

March 2021

Last technical improvements

Date : [03-03-2021]

  • Liquidity Accounts: integration and support of BTC and ETH as recognized currencies for the liquidity accounts, planning and main-currency

Date : [19-03-2021]

  • Invoice upload: Adding additional file formats and versions of Microsoft Excel to also serve customers using older versions
  • Invoices: improvements on re-categorization

February 2021

Last technical improvements

Date : [05-02-2021]

  • Planning: Adding new cash flow type "Financing / Investments" and 4 related sub-categories

Date : [09-02-2021]

  • Run my Accounts integration: Adding different formats on how bank balance information can be downloaded
  • Bexio integration: adding new functionality to enable users changing their set-up towards which invoice and bills data they would like to export

January 2021

Last technical improvements

Date : [04-01-2021]

  • Stripe Integration: Update to latest version and making payment collection more stable

Date : [20-01-2021]

  • French translations: major update of the French version of the Tresio web application

December 2020

Last technical improvements

Date : [11-12-2020]

  • Run my Accounts integration (1): Export of bank information now includes more details, such as IBAN
  • Run my Accounts integration (2): major update of which accounts are exported and shown as liquidity- and loan accounts, allowing more flexibility and better adaption to customers' individual account-set up as per the RMA platform

November 2020

Last technical improvements

Date : [11-11-2020]

  • Website: making it multi-language friendly by adding French and English versions; increasing website performance by changing all graphics to .svg format; adding meeting-booking-tool possibility to front-page; adding customer-referrals to front-page

Date : [13-11-2020]

  • Financial Planning: fixing of PDF export functionality and adding more flexibility regarding resolution-settings

October 2020

Last technical improvements

Date : [18-10-2020]

  • Bank accounts: Improved visibility by showing current balance in home currency next to foreign currency
  • Bank accounts: Enhanced usability by making the entire table editable directly from forecasting dashboard, and pre-filled date, currency and credit line

September 2020

Last technical improvements

Date : [16-09-2020]

  • Invoices upload: enhanced functionality for uploading experience (Excel and CSV); re-design of the upload dashboard (all in one screen); align allowed data-format with 8 additional Swiss accounting systems; augmented automated mapping

Date : [13-09-2020]

  • Bexio integration: enabling account creation and log-in through bexio single-sign-on

August 2020

Cumulative update

Date : [20-08-2020]

  • Making Web-App multi lingual with adding French and English version
  • Performance updates to make whole app more stable and faster

Date : [15-08-2020]

  • Bexio integration: import of creditor invoices and debitor bills through api

July 2020

Cumulative update

Date : [24-07-2020]

  • New product bundles “Light”, “Team” and “Professional”. “Financial Analysis” (beta, former pro-feature) is being added to all plans
  • Enhanced credit-card management: credit cards can now be changed, amended and deleted directly from the user accounts under “settings”
  • Performance package, stabilizing the TRESIO web app and make it faster