Tresio Changelog

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Future developments

Technical improvements

  • File upload for bank accounts, bank transactions and subscriptions   
  • Classification of invoices: we are working on a self-learning classification engine to classify debtor and creditor invoices and assign them to the right category  
  • Multi banking 1: Integration of major Swiss and European banks. In a first step, we will connect with the banks and automatically update bank balances inside Tresio, for a real-time overview of the current liquidity basis  
  • Multi banking 2: In the second phase, we will also import and classify the bank transactions for a holistic and comprehensive view on the cash balances and spendings across various bank accounts, including comparison to the forecast  

May 2022

Last technical improvements

Date : [31-05-2022]

  • Filtering and column visibility added to banking transactions table
  • New data forma suported: PROFFIX business software. Are you using another tool without a direct integration through api? You can now request your own data format under “Invoices” -> “Upload”

April 2022

Last technical improvements

Date : [30-04-2022]

  • New banking integration via ebics (beta) for banks that are not PSD2 ready (eg Switzerland). Request your own bank being connected with Tresio today using our request form in “Integrations”
  • Update of Planning table: new filter functionality facilitates the planning and focus on different groups such as for example hr expenses

March 2022

Last technical improvements

Date : [31-03-2022]

  • New integration with Nordigen, that allows customers to automatically update their banking accounts and view transactions on these accounts
  • EBICS integration to add bank accounts via EBICS (individual setups) and retreive account balance, historical transactions
  • Redesign of the Financial Analysis module enabling real-time accounting insights and additional reports

Date : [24-03-2022]

  • Overall improvements on stability of the platform
  • Bexio and RMA integrations: partially paid invoices are now downloaded with their pending amounts. Fixed issues with banking part of RMA integration

Date : [10-03-2022]

  • Forecast page: Excel report / export functionality of the forecast table for any selected period
  • Bexio invoices import: improved reporting, partially paid invoices are now considered with the remaining open amount instead of full amount

February 2022

Last technical improvements

Date : [27-02-2022]

  • Planning page 1: we added additional flexibility and functionality to enter budgeted items. Now it is possible to add payment schedules for all categories, account for linear and exponential growth and add dependencies (in percentage) of planned items as well as of categories
  • Planning page 2: new table allows more detailed view on forecasted items with adding “next occurance” date and extended details on forecasted items. Possibility to duplicate selected entries with one click, edit them in-line and export the entire planning data table (ownership of data)

Date : [11-02-2022]

  • Scenario planning 1: we added the possibility to simulate multiple scenarios per company. Scenarios can be fully independant, belong to another scenario or even to a sub-scenario
  • Scenario planning 2: plan data can be added manually, existing plan data from main-scenario can be altered via percentage

January 2022

Last technical improvements

Date : [30-01-2022]

  • Banking: we separated the bank accounts from the forecast page to give the banking part more room for future developments (for moving towards eg multibanking)
  • Forecast page: graphical overhaul and improvements on ux, extended forecast view to 36 months (SME and SME PLUS)

December 2021

Last technical improvements

Date : [24-12-2021]

  • Reworked file upload page. Added new integration for file upload from gdrive. Improved stability of column matching engine

November 2021

Last technical improvements

Date : [25-11-2021]

  • Increased performance for forecast page
  • New subscriptions functionality. Users can create periodic payments, like their customers subscription payments. For new subscription new Stripe integration is implemented. Calculated data from subscriptions is presented on forecast page

October 2021

Last technical improvements

Date : [20-10-2021]

  • Starting a new company has become easier and faster, without the need to fill out a lot of information
  • Improvement of the invoice editor - it became even more convenient, faster, some bugs were fixed

September 2021

Last technical improvements

Date : [30-09-2021]

  • Updated payment user interface and integration with the newest Stripe checkout module. Implementation of enhanced discount logic for package upgrades and downgrades
  • Pricing page: complete renewal, giving a better and more detailled comparison between the different pricing plans and possibility to purchase the right plan (including add-ons) directly from the home page

Date : [16-09-2021]

  • Improvements on the CSV and XLS file upload: Table parsing logic and customized specifications
  • New invoices tables: significant improvements of export- and edit-functionality, enhanced sorting

August 2021

Last technical improvements

Date : [31-08-2021]

  • Major update of the Integrations page: redesign of the interface and menu bar, including faster access to settings and turn on / off. Users are now allowed to use more than one integration in parallel. This is an important step towards having more integrations in the future
  • New technical integration: - the fast and easy to use invoicing tool
  • One-click account creation and log-in for Smallinvoice users through OAuth2
  • Automated import of debtor- and creditor-invoices for new smallinvoice customers (analogue to the bexio set up we implemented last month)
  • New explanation videos and description on all major pages inside the Tresio application (videos are available in English and German language)

July 2021

Last technical improvements

Date : [30-07-2021]

  • Simplified signup process for bexio users: registration with one click, company- and profile details are automatically transferred directly from bexio to Tresio. Introduction video to the new signup process (in German):
  • Automated download of open invoices (accounts receivables and accounts payables) for bexio users, without manual token-generation

Date : [15-07-2021]

  • User management: Improved convenience, assigned companies

June 2021

Last technical improvements

Date : [16-06-2021]

  • Improvements on main dashboard: total of outstanding invoices (debtors, creditors and amounts in delay) are now showing in each company’s default currency (previously: CHF)

May 2021

Last technical improvements

Date : [31-05-2021]

  • Adjustments on user management and assigning of user rights: Power users (plans: SME and Professional) now have full edit rights and there is no more restriction on assigned companies compared to main user

Date : [19-05-2021]

  • Invoice upload: Drag & Drop
  • Changes on page structure: The address logic became more user friendly, allowing to set bookmarks in the browser for most viewed parts in the application

Date : [03-05-2021]

  • Daily Forecasting: extended to 31 days for Team and Profiessional users, leading to better overview and improved planning capabilities
  • Bank accounts: Allowing Excel export

April 2021

Last technical improvements

Date : [10-04-2021]

  • Major update (back end), leading to significant improvements on speed of page loads and overall application performance

March 2021

Last technical improvements

Date : [19-03-2021]

  • Invoice upload: Adding additional file formats and versions of Microsoft Excel to also serve customers using older versions
  • Invoices: improvements on re-categorization

Date : [03-03-2021]

  • Liquidity Accounts: integration and support of BTC and ETH as recognized currencies for the liquidity accounts, planning and main-currency

February 2021

Last technical improvements

Date : [09-02-2021]

  • Run my Accounts integration: Adding different formats on how bank balance information can be downloaded
  • Bexio integration: adding new functionality to enable users changing their set-up towards which invoice and bills data they would like to export

Date : [05-02-2021]

  • Planning: Adding new cash flow type “Financing / Investments” and 4 related sub-categories

January 2021

Last technical improvements

Date : [20-01-2021]

  • French translations: major update of the French version of the Tresio web application

Date : [04-01-2021]

  • Stripe Integration: Update to latest version and making payment collection more stable

December 2020

Last technical improvements

Date : [11-12-2020]

  • Run my Accounts integration (1): Export of bank information now includes more details, such as IBAN
  • Run my Accounts integration (2): major update of which accounts are exported and shown as liquidity- and loan accounts, allowing more flexibility and better adaption to customers' individual account-set up as per the RMA platform

November 2020

Last technical improvements

Date : [13-11-2020]

  • Financial Planning: fixing of PDF export functionality and adding more flexibility regarding resolution-settings

Date : [11-11-2020]

  • Website: making it multi-language friendly by adding French and English versions; increasing website performance by changing all graphics to .svg format; adding meeting-booking-tool possibility to front-page; adding customer-referrals to front-page

October 2020

Last technical improvements

Date : [18-10-2020]

  • Bank accounts: Improved visibility by showing current balance in home currency next to foreign currency
  • Bank accounts: Enhanced usability by making the entire table editable directly from forecasting dashboard, and pre-filled date, currency and credit line

September 2020

Last technical improvements

Date : [16-09-2020]

  • Invoices upload: enhanced functionality for uploading experience (Excel and CSV); re-design of the upload dashboard (all in one screen); align allowed data-format with 8 additional Swiss accounting systems; augmented automated mapping

Date : [13-09-2020]

  • Bexio integration: enabling account creation and log-in through bexio single-sign-on

August 2020

Cumulative update

Date : [20-08-2020]

  • Making Web-App multi lingual with adding French and English version
  • Performance updates to make whole app more stable and faster

Date : [15-08-2020]

  • Bexio integration: import of creditor invoices and debitor bills through api

July 2020

Cumulative update

Date : [24-07-2020]

  • New product bundles “Light”, “Team” and “Professional”. “Financial Analysis” (beta, former pro-feature) is being added to all plans
  • Enhanced credit-card management: credit cards can now be changed, amended and deleted directly from the user accounts under “settings”
  • Performance package, stabilizing the TRESIO web app and make it faster